DoBe WE”@GUSU fully values the pattern of traditional Suzhou gardens on design, pursues the nature features, as well as applies large area of modern glass and wall decoration, making a visual impact full of tension and international feelings and integrating western and eastern culture factors, which can provide continuous creative inspiration for people working here.

    Single-family office of multiple area sections
The exclusive property and single-family space endow the architecture with certain privacy and scarcity, and can also manifest the high quality image.
    Interesting stacking garden
Through the classical implicit and modern simple gardening method, you will enjoy the interest of "scenery change upon moving a step" in the park.
    Rare 5m high loft
DoBe WE”@GUSU breaks the narrow pattern of traditional offices, The space is extended vertically and horizontally, and multiple possibility of the space application is challenged.
    Breathing glass box
360° Breathing glass box,installed with sunshine、fresh air、flowers and wind,enjoy working in garden.
    International brand business
DoBe WE”@GUSU is not only equipped with personality office, but also introducing multiple international brand businesses, which forms a 24h functional cycle in the whole garden and becomes a modern landmark integrating catering, shopping art and entertainment. DOBE leads the international tide and provides the all-weather wonders.